What Is Jailbreaking? Is it good or bad

 What Is Jailbreaking? Is it good or bad


So most people with an iPhone iPad or iPod had probably heard of the term jailbreaking hey maybe you've even jailbroken the device before but what does jump breaking actually mean and what is the process behind it well today you're going to find out in this jailbreaking blog

Now on the surface jailbreaking might seem as simple as plugging a device into a computer clicking a button waiting a few minutes and bam the jailbreak is done but in reality, it's a little more complex than that

Now what does jailbreak actually mean basically it means gaining the ability to install custom third-party apps on your device that's all it means it's completely legal but Apple does not want you to do it because they want to control the user experience they want to make it the same for everyone simplicity is one of apple's key selling points so they don't want people to go in and customize and hack their device and risking a bad user experience but I personally believe if you shell out cash for a device and you pay for it and it's yours you own it you should be able to do whatever you want with it. Now before we get into the jailbreaking process let's learn a little bit more about our device.

How does an iOS device boot up

It basically goes through a chain of trust this is a series of signature checks that make sure everything that's being ran is approved by Apple and it happens in the following order.

  • The first is boot ROM which is also called secure ROM and this is the first important piece of code that runs an iOS device.
  • The second is the bootloader and this is responsible for loading the main firmware.
  • The third is the kernel and this connects the operating system to the actual data processing done at the hardware level.
  • The fourth is iOS this is when the operating system is loaded and you see the slide to unlock the screen.

So now you know about the bootup process let's move on to the juicy stuff how does jailbreaking actually, work

The jailbreak itself involves obtaining control of the root and media partition of the device this is where all IOS files are stored and in order to be controlled the private /ETC/FS tab must be patched now the FS tab that controls the permissions of the room and media partition on the device the default security setting is set to read-only so you can view but you can't modify so in order to modify we need to change that to rewrite the main problem is not getting the modified code in but getting it through certain checkpoints Apple putting these checkpoints to verify the file is actually legit or if it's from a third party, every file is signed with a digital signature or a key and without it the file is useless so how do we get these keys well since Apple doesn't give them out very easily we either have to undo the lock by patching every single checkpoint or bypass through a backdoor with a former being more Goldin the ladder now

What’s stopping a jailbreak ?

Well the signature checks are the main roadblocks in the jailbreak process while the colonel is loading there are tons of signature checks happening to make sure every file has been approved by Apple specifically, there are many signature checks throughout the boot process that look for a signature file if the file is correct the boot up will continue and finalize if it's not it will either crash the device or it won't even execute that file at all  

What’s the main objective in jailbreaking?

Obviously, the main objective is to either patch the checks or bypass them and the common way is to bypass them because patching them would take up way too much time so this brings us to the two main exploit categories and the


  • BootRom exploit

The first one is the BootRom exploit this is done during the bootrom and it can't be patched by a normal update it can only be patched by new hardware now since this is before almost any checkpoint the modified code is put in and this creates a gateway to bypass all the signature checks or simply disable them


  • Userland exploit

The second exploit is the userland exploit now this is done during or after the loading of the kernel and it can easily be patched by Apple since it's after all the checks it puts the modified code directly into the openings and back into the kernel now these openings are not easy to find and once found they can't be patched and userland exploits have been the most common exploit because they are easier to find and they're software-based so those are all the things behind jailbreaking and as you can see jailbreaking is not an easy task and it takes a lot of time and effort and if you're not worried about voiding your Apple warranty or if you don't even have a warranty I would recommend you try and jump ringing out if you haven't already


Advantages of Jailbreaking


  • Expose to a World of new Apps with Advanced Features
  • Free Tethering
  • Customization Options for your Device
  • Access iOS File System
  • Customize Control Centre


Disadvantages of Jailbreaking


  • The danger of Unscreened Apps
  • Cannot determine how secure your device after the jailbreak
  • Conflicts on iOS version updates with a jailbreak tool
  • System Stability
  • Issues with the Jailbreaking Process


These are the pros and cons of jailbreaking. Now you can decide what to do. And let us know your opinion on jailbreaking in the comment section.


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