Malware attack again in Android smartphone, this virus steals account-password, how to be safe from this (FLUBOT)


Malware attack again in Android smartphone, this virus steals account-password, how to be safe from this (FLUBOT)


The Google Play The store is considered safe enough to install Android apps and games. Google claims that it has been given anti-malware protection.

Because of this, the new apps are scanned by uploading to the store. There is a lot of risk in installing an app from a third party. Now there has been an alert about malware.


Google Play Protect tool is also provided by Google on Play Store. This tool also checks malware on apps installed from outside the Play Store. Despite all this, malware gets attacked. The malware installs in the user's phone and infects the device.


Now there is a report about a new malware Flubot. This malware steals the user's password. It looks like a popular app. Because of this, users get caught in its deception. The report was reported by the BBC following alerts from Vodafone UK, Three and EE regarding the virus.



A spam SMS is sent to users to install this virus. The message is said to be package delivery. The user is asked to install an app to track the delivery. This app is not available on Google Play Store. For this reason, it is said to be installed manually.

To stay safe from such malware attacks, users should avoid downloading any third-party app anywhere else. This is very important for their safety. Just by downloading the app from the Play Store, users can be protected to a great extent.



Those who have been affected by Flubot malware should not log in to any new account. By logging into a new account, even more, data can go to the scammers. The NCSC has said that infected users should reset their phones immediately. After installing Flubot, if they have created a new account, then their password should be changed to them.


A fake message named Flubot is spreading fast

In the UK, a fake message called FluBot is rapidly spreading as a package delivery tracker. It is coming through fake content messages, claiming that it belongs to a delivery company.

In this, users are being asked to click on a link to track package delivery. In this fake link, users are being asked to install an app to track delivery. This app does not track delivery but is a fake app that steals data from that Android smartphone.

Unwanted text messages can be very irritating not only do spam messages clutter your message inbox and distract you with nonsense notifications but some spam messages also contain links to potentially dangerous malware clicking on a link or attachment in a spam, message could trigger malware that infects your phone so how do you deal with spam and promotional messages you can block and stop spam messages with the right tricks and tools


Here I will tell you how to block spam messages on your android phone


Even smartphone manufacturers know that you are tired of receiving spam messages that's why they have included the spam filter in the inbuilt messages app you can enable the spam filter and it will automatically block unwanted messages so open your default messages app go to settings tap on spam protection or anti-harassment you can filter incoming messages by keywords or whatever options you have depending on your smartphone manufacturer alternatively if you want to block a particular sender you can also do that long press on the SMS thread and tap on the block or add to blacklist option you won't receive messages from this sender anymore if you are not satisfied with the spam filter of your phone's inbuilt messaging app


Then you can check out third-party messaging apps which are available on android PLAY STORE


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Hey, if you too get a spam message then let us know in the comment section. Let us know if you know of any other apps to block spam messages





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