TOP 8 Best windows apps 2021

 TOP 8 Best windows apps 2021

TOP 8 Best windows apps you should try now Windows it is so while we are all waiting for the new windows 10 update which is going to be huge.

let's quickly see some fresh new windows apps for 2021


1.       Dimmer 

we have dimmer now dimmer is a similar app to f.lux like you know the night mode on your smartphone but dimmer supports multiple monitors and more importantly it lets you adjust the brightness of both the monitors separately in f.lux you cannot set custom brightness of monitors separately. dimmer lets you do that i frequently use it while i'm working on my laptop and the monitor at night i can dim the screen of the monitor right from my laptop and that's really useful if you work late at night plus dimmer is a portable app so you don't have to install it on your system just keep it on a usb drive double click on it and use it instantly on a side note if you have a monitor that supports ddc or ci use wind 10 slider. one of the Best windows apps you should try now


2.       Surfshark


Surfshark vpn the only reason to recommend surf shark vpn is because it's the cheapest and it lets you access games without any speed throttling and blocked content on Netflix additionally there are two specific reasons to recommend surfshark first reason free vpns are often caught selling user data moreover free vpn don't give you much choice while selecting a server and has speed limitations surfshark is new in the industry and it costs almost half of express and not vpn and yet it offers the same features and efficiency i use it all the time while browsing the web and yes it also works on Netflix us or pretty much any streaming service where many paid vpns don't work let alone the free ones second reason to recommend surfshark is the unlimited device support on the other hand the other services like not vpn and express vpn only support max 5 devices in single of the Best windows apps you should try now


3.       Stack Browser 

Now we all use all in one messenger app like you have apps like whatsapp slack or microsoft teams depending on your college trello or notion now the problem with all in one messenger app is there are two good options france or station both of them are paid now so here's an alternative called stack browser in comparison stack browser is even better than france and station so first of all it's free i mean completely free with no nudging or app limit and you can add as many apps you want i currently use it with notion trello slack and whatsapp web i've been using this for two months almost and have never faced any software crashes or non-responsiveness which blows my mind off there's also this feature where you can club apps and scroll horizontally to switch between apps but i find it weird and interferes with the normal scrolling gesture so i've disabled it i just do it with the padlock button. one of the Best windows apps you should try now




4.       YouTube 4k Downloader 

YouTube 4k downloader and oh you're supporting piracy well hold on our great YouTube doesn't let you download your own videos in 4k it's 720p max you can use google takeout which lets you download your google drive files google photos and YouTube videos all in one but it's complex so you can use YouTube 4k downloader which is free and lets you download your own videos in 4k with audio so you can install the 4k download app now all you need is the YouTube video url paste it in the app select the resolution which is maximum 4k click on the download button and that's it you're done and obviously you can download other people's videos as well. one of the Best windows apps you should try now


5.       Smash


 we have smash it is one of my favourite it lets you send unlimited files with unlimited file size to any system without sign up google drive gives you 15 gb smash gives you unlimited file size it works on mobile data remotely so you can even send files to your friends in some other city plus if you use slack it integrates with slack and will automatically send a link whenever the file is done uploading the only problem with smash is if your file size is 2 plus gb you have to wait 3 hours to download it they do keep your file for 14 days but if your file size is more than 15 gb use smash if it's 3 to 4 gb use google drive instead. one of the Best windows apps you should try now



6.       Notion 


In case you don't know notion is an all-in-one app so trello, to-do, sticky notes everything inside one app that is notion but here is how I use notion so suppose say first of the month i have to do n number of stuff like paying rent emi broadband data recharge sips electricity bill etc now i can do this in any note taking app but in notion i can go one step ahead not only i can create a check box but also set a recurring reminder similarly i have to also track a lot of product launches and order them on sale so i can create a new notion board of calendar events and mark all the launch events. my point here is as you can see the first and second example are entirely different yet they work quite well with notion similarly the unique selling point of notion is it's all in one note taking approach no matter what your requirements are notion can do it supports media, excel, calendar, list, photo absolutely everything and of course if you don't want to start from scratch you have templates overall notion is among those software that yield great returns the longer you use it I highly recommend notion to everyone. one of the Best windows apps you should try now



7.       Bitwarden 

lastpass moved to a paid model in case you don't know lastpass is a password manager and in case you don't use a password manager come on give your brains a rest anyways lastpass now lets you use it either on mobile or on desktop now a good alternative to lastpass is bitwarden all is an open source app so it's gonna be free for a long time it uses the same encryption as lastpass it also provides features like prompting for a secure password just like lastpass plus it's very easy to export your passwords from chrome or lastpass and then import it back to bitwarden bitwarden has apps for different platforms like android iOS and the web app for windows and mac the only problem i found with bitwarden is that if you forget your master password you'll have to reset your account and you'll lose all your data but that's a security feature as well. one of the Best windows apps you should try now



8.       Windows PowerTools 

I’ve been using Microsoft power tools for multiple reasons but here's two of my favourite which are also a recent edition recently it has got a video conference mute option so basically it can mute your mic and stop your camera so if you press windows+shift+O.  it will block your camera and window +shift+ A to block your mic so no matter what app you are using it will shut the camera and microphone it's really a life saver at times next I use colour picker which is extremely useful if you use Photoshop and it will give you a colour picker like suppose on the web i'm just browsing and i like a color you hit windows+shift+c and the colour picker pops up just tap on the colour and you have the hex code you can use the hex code in Photoshop or even if you make website use it in css it's a handy tool additionally you also have batch image resizer batch file rename shortcuts modifier etc. one of the Best windows apps you should try now



Also let me know which one is your favourite in the comment section, if you have any suggestions or want to ask question please comment below.


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