GTA San Andreas mod version free download

GTA San Andreas mod version free download

GTA San Andreas mod free download in single direct link for Windows. GTA San Andreas is an amazing action and adventures game.

Admit it or not, but when we were kids our dream was to play the GTA series games Vice City, San Andreas. Because this was an open-world game and we enjoyed while playing this game because we could do anything in the game we could kill anybody we drive any car and many other things we could in the games. Except passing the game mission we used to do everything

I use to remember we used to go to cyber cafe for playing this game and they used to take 25 ₹ for one hour and 15 ₹ for half an hour. But now we all have a laptop and today also when we get bored we play this game and our happiness level is the same as before

This game was launched on 29 April 2008 before this GTA vice city was launched on 27 October 2002 both games was a super-duper hit. Every gamer used to play this game. Nowadays gamers use to play GTA V and it's becoming their favourite game.

But today also many of us can't afford gaming pc. That why I bring you a GTA San Andreas MOD which you can download it free from the below link. In this MOD version you will see many cars, bikes, and even guns and much more things like GTA V and you can also enhance the graphics as per you need.


In this blog, I will tell you how to customize the GTA San Andreas MOD by which you can customize by yourself easily as per your need.

In GTA SAN ANDREAS there are multiple cars, planes, bikes and etc. available online but, we have to use tools to add the cars but we can add our favourite car without using any tools and it is very easy.

(I am taking an example of cars you can add anything which you want as per your need.)

If you search on google GTA MOD you will found a website called here you will find an option of GTA SAN ANDREAS.

·         Click on GTA SAN ANDREADS option and after that you will see a lot of options in front of you at top like aeroplanes, bikes, car and many more.

·         Click on car option you will find a list of many car companies in form of folder, now click on the car companies and you will get the car of that companies. Simply download it. (It will download in zip) after downloads completes. Extract the zip file which you have downloaded

·         Open the folder, after extract you will find there is two types of files present in that folder which are in DFF and TXD form now wait here I will tell you how to use it but before using this DOWNLOAD one file called HUG

·         After downloading, extract the file and you will find many files and folders in HUG copy all these and open GTA SA ANDREAS folder and paste all the files there.

·         After this you will see a folder name modloader, open that folder you will see three folders bikes, cars and others

·         Now open the car folder and paste the DFF and TXD file here. In bikes you will paste bike DFF and TXD files and in others you can paste different types of vehicles like BUS, TRAIN, PLANE, BOAT and many more as per your need. You can add as much as you want at once.

Vehicle Menu

To see all the available vehicles in your game you have add vehicle menu by which you have to press only one button and you will see all the vehicles one by one which are available in your game and you can use it also from there at any time.

Download this file called Menu


After downloading this file extract the folder and open it, you will find many files and folders copy all the files and folders which present in Menu folder after this paste all the copied items in GTA SAN ANDREAS folder you will see it will ask to replace the items just click on that and that’s all. Your vehicle menu is done now open your game and check it out but remember in many cases they work differently for example in my case when I was pressing (NUM 1) its show the vehicle menu but may be in your case it work with different button.


Please make sure you follow all the step carefully its may damage your original game that’s why be careful or I say copy the original game folder and paste it somewhere as for backup.

If you are getting confused with these steps just download my own GTA SAN ANDREAD mod version free in this version you will find many supercars and bikes which you can add it later as per you need




You can also share your experience with us . And let me now which is your personal favourite pc game. If you have any question or suggestion comment below.



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