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How to Become a Hacker 2021

How to Become a Hacker in 2021


Hacking is an engaging field but it is surely not easy. To become a hacker one has to have an attitude and curiosity of learning and adapting new skills. You must have a deep knowledge of computer systems, programming languages, operating systems, and the journey of learning goes on and on.

Some people think that a hacker is always a criminal and does illegal activities but they are wrong. Actually many big companies hire hackers to protect their systems and information and are highly paid. here is the list of most important steps necessary to become a hacker, have a deeper look




UNIX/LINUX is an open-source operating system that provides better security to computer systems. It was first developed by AT&T in Bell labs and contributed a lot to the world of security. You should install LINUX freely available open-source versions on your desktops as without learning UNIX/LINUX, it is not possible to become a hacker.



Code in C language


C programming is the basis of learning UNIX/LINUX as this operating system is coded in C programming which makes it the most powerful language as compared to other programming languages. C language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in the late 1970s. To become a hacker you should master the C language.



Code in more than one Programming Language


It is important for a person in the hacking field to learn more than one programming. There are many programming languages to learn such as Python, JAVA, C++. Free eBooks, tutorials are easily available online.



Learn Networking Concepts


Another important and essential step to becoming a hacker is to be good at networking concepts and understanding how the networks are created. You need to know the differences between different types of networks and must have a clear understanding of TCP/IP and UDP to exploit vulnerabilities (loopholes) in the system. Understanding what LAN, WAN, VPN, Firewall is also important. You must have a clear understanding and use of network tools such as Wireshark, NMAP for packet analyzing, network scanning, etc.



Learn More Than One Operating Systems


It is essential for a hacker to learn more than one operating system. There are many other Operating systems apart from Windows, UNIX/LINUX, etc. Every system has a loophole, a hacker needs it to exploit it.



Learn Cryptography


To become a successful hacker you need to master the art of cryptography. Encryption and Decryption are important skills in hacking. Encryption is widely done in several aspects of information system security in authentication, confidentiality, and integrity of data. Information on a network is in an encrypted form such as passwords. While hacking a system, these encrypted codes need to be broken, which is called decryption.



Learn more and more about hacking


Go through various tutorials, eBooks written by experts in the field of hacking. In the field of hacking, learning is never-ending because security changes every day with new updates in systems.



Experiment A Lot


After learning some concepts, sit and practice them. Set up your own lab for experimental purposes. You need a good computer system to start with as some tools may require a powerful processor, RAM, etc. Keep on Testing and learning until you breach a system.



Write Vulnerability (Loophole program)


Vulnerability is the weakness, loophole, or open door through which you enter the system. Look for vulnerabilities by scanning the system, network, etc. Try to write your own and exploit the system.



Continue never ending Learning


Learning is the key to success in the world of hacking. Continuous learning and practicing will make you the best hacker. Keep yourself updated about security changes and learn about new ways to exploit systems.



Join Discussions and meet hackers


The most important for a hacker is to make a community or join forums, discussions with other hackers worldwide so that they can exchange and share their knowledge and work as a team. Join Facebook groups related to hacking where you can get more from experts.

How to stay safe and anonymous from the Internet in 2020

How to stay safe and anonymous from the Internet in 2020

In this thread, I will be talking about ways to be anonymous from my knowledge!

This thread will help a lot of you noobs!

You can put all these ways together at once and you will be like 98% anonymous while hacking and doing black-hat activity...

This whole guide is written by me. every piece of it is from my knowledge. 

1. VPN that DOES NOT keep any logs!

I think MullVad VPN is best as it doesn't keep logs and it's very cheap and fast!

Can't beat that...

A VPN will make sure your secure while hacking online.

It hides your IP address and makes sure you can't be tracked.

But a VPN isn't the ONLY thing you should use while black-hat hacking or trying to protect yourself.

You should use other tools too to remain 99.9%!

I recommend only buying a VPN with cryptocurrency so the payment cant be traced.

2. Proxychains on a Linux system like Kali Linux or Tails

You should use proxychains to stay anonymous with everything else added too.

you can get proxies by scraping or grabbing them. 

I highly recommend buying a list of 25 "PRIVATE" socks5 proxy servers.

Private ones don't keep logs but if you get free ones that do keep logs then only connect to the proxy if you have your VPN on that doesn't have logs.

I recommend making your own proxy grabber that will only grab elite proxies that are mostly all alive.

If you can't code your own then you should use net ghost to get proxies. It runs on windows but you can always upload it to a file-sharing site and get it on your own Linux system. The proxy chains location on kali Linux is /etc/proxychains.conf [Command is "leafpad /etc/proxychains.conf". Add proxies there :).

3. Tails to keep anonymous

You can use all the anonymous tips above on a Tails system also.

Make sure to run tails off a live USB or DVD. It will ensure more anonymity.

You can use tor with tails too so it will make you more hidden.

Not much to say with tails.

4. Virtual Machines

You can stack virtual machines on top of each other with tails. Then use everything else to hide.

Once you do something really illegal then delete all data and be gone.

You can also use CCleaner to clean all logs on the system. 

Even delete the VM iso file and re-download on a different IP.

5. Coffee Shops And Such

You can use a Raspberry PI connected to Public wifi.

Make sure to stay off property and go across the street while connected.

Use all the stuff above while at the open wifi.

You will remain anonymous!

6. CCleaner 

You can use CCleaner to delete all system logs and just all types of data

It will clean everything out of your PC then after you use CCleaner make sure to reinstall it again (Not really needed just an extra layer).

7. Browser Windows

If your using chrome or any other browser on the earth then make sure not to maximize your browser window!

While using any browser like Tor, Firefox, Chrome or others make sure to keep it small...

People can track you by your browser window!

Keep safe!

8. MAC Address

Change your mac address so you can't be tracked using tools like macchanger on any Linux op.

Your mac address can be used to get a location on your PC.

Make sure to do this too.

9. Webcam

Make sure to tape your webcam so none of our fellow Policemen or any other person can see you can get pictures.

That's It Guys I Hope You Like This Post And You Are Enjoying Our articles.

What is MAC address spoofing explained

What is MAC address spoofing?

The device that you’re looking at right now has a network interface controller (NIC), the thing that’s responsible for allowing you to connect to a network, like an internet. All devices capable of networking (smartphones, laptops, routers) have one of these. Each NIC is assigned unique hard-coded MAC addresses that cannot be changed.

However, almost all popular platforms such as Windows or OS X, or Linux (and hence Android) support changing MAC addresses and pretty easily too. Just because we cannot change the MAC address built into our NIC doesn’t mean we can’t make other devices think that our MAC addresses are something different. Whatever information leaves our device is in our control. And in the header of the packets that make up our data is the address of our device, the MAC address (along with IP and a bunch of other information).

So, our operating systems allow us to instruct the NIC to ignore the built-in MAC address and instead use our own custom MAC address which could be anything we want it to be. This is called MAC spoofing.

What is MAC spoofing used for?

MAC spoofing is awesome. We’re interested in MAC spoofing because it allows us to make other devices think that we are someone else. For a hacker, this opens up a variety of attack vectors:

  • It allows us to perform man-in-the-middle attacks

  • It can help us hack Wi-Fi networks

  • It lets us directly target devices connected to our Local Area Network (LAN)

If you’ve been banned from using a public Wi-Fi hotspot, MAC spoofing allows you to trick the router into thinking that you are some other device.

There are a couple of completely legitimate (read: white hat) reasons for MAC spoofing as well:

Setting up numerous virtual machines in a corporate environment, each with a randomly assigned MAC address.

It can be used for improving anonymity (An unsafe local network can track you using your MAC address. If your MAC address keeps changing, they can’t do that anymore).

Consider an example. Say you’re using Wi-Fi and your friend is also connected to the same network. Now, when you first connect to a Wi-Fi access point (the router), you exchange some information with the router. You request a connection from the router, enter the password, and if successful, the router responds by opening a connection for you. Now the router knows who you are (your MAC address) and you know who the router is (it’s MAC address).

Now, if you spoof your MAC address to look like the router’s MAC address you could make the friend think that he’s talking with the router when instead all his network traffic is going through your device. This is an example of a man-in-the-middle attack and this technique can allow you to snoop on unencrypted traffic (HTTP), redirect the user to some other websites, or replace all the images they see with photos of cats if you want to.

Can a website detect your real MAC address? 

No. MAC addresses are restricted to the local network segment. For example, they are only used by a router to distinguish different devices connected to it, but the MAC address is never sent from the router to the internet.

uTorrent for Latest Version (Windows, Mac & Linux)


uTorrent for Latest Version (Windows, Mac & Linux)

Download uTorrent Offline Installers (All Platforms)!


If we talk about the list of the top torrent client for Windows 10, it will be uTorrent leading the list without any second thought. UTorrent is really a great torrent client available for Windows 10, and it’s offered in two versions – Free and Pro. The free version works fine for regular downloads, but it’s ad-supported.


What is uTorrent?


Well, uTorrent is now the most common P2P client available for desktop and mobile operating systems. With uTorrent, you can simply download torrent content from the internet. The Torrent client is now open for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

Unlike other torrent clients, uTorrent is trivial and consumes fewer RAM resources. The free version of uTorrent is ad-supported. However, you can remove ads by getting the premium version of uTorrent from its official site.

Features of uTorrent


Now that you are well conscious of uTorrent, it’s time to know some of its features. Below, we have listed some of the best features of the uTorrent desktop client. Let’s check out.

Download Torrents

Being a Torrent client, uTorrent is mostly used to download torrents. To download torrent content via uTorrent, you need to pinpoint the torrent file. Once done, it will automatically start to download the content.

Magnet Link Support

For those who don’t know, Magnet links are really a hyperlink containing the has code for torrent files that you are about to download. You don’t need to download the .torrent file with the magnet link. Visit the torrent website and click on the Magnet link download option. UTorrent will automatically fetch the .torrent file.

Bandwidth Management

Like every other torrent client for desktop, uTorrent also offers you bandwidth management features. With uTorrent, you can control the download speed and upload speed manually.

Multiple Torrent Downloads

If you are looking for a torrent client that allows you to download multiple torrent files concurrently, then uTorrent might be the best pick for you. You can download as many torrents as you want at the same time.

Tracker Support

If you are downloading a torrent file but not getting the appropriate download speed, you can add Torrent trackers. uTorrent allows you to add a custom torrent tracker list to enhance the downloading speed.

Play Torrent without Downloading

This is a feature that you will get with the uTorrent premium version. The feature allows you to stream videos directly without actually downloading the torrent content. This means there’s no more waiting for the file to download. Just add your torrent and start enjoying the content right away.

So, these are some of the excellent features of the uTorrent client. If you know of any other such features, let us know in the comments.

Download uTorrent Offline Installer


As mentioned above, uTorrent is available on both free and premium versions. You can download the free version from its official website. However, if you want to install uTorrent on multiple systems, it’s best to use the uTorrent offline installer.

So, these are the offline installation files of uTorrent. You can use these uTorrent offline installers on any platform to install the most popular torrent client.

How to install uTorrent Offline Installer?


Installing the uTorrent offline installer is pretty straightforward. You need to move the offline installer to the operating system you want to install. Once done, just run the executable file and follow the on-screen instructions. However, please make sure to exclude the bundled apps from the installation wizard.

The benefit of uTorrent offline Installer is that it can install uTorrent on any system multiple times. That means you don’t need to install the installer again and again from the official website.

Once installed, run uTorrent from the desktop and enjoy the feature.

So, this article is all about uTorrent Offline Installer in 2021. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. If you have any doubts about this, let us know in the comment box below.


Which are the best websites in India to buy and sell bitcoins.


Ethereum's price is gaining momentum, Bitcoin is also gaining momentum

Bitcoin is currently trading at a rate of 35 percent lower, but still at half its all-time record price.


  • Bitcoin registered a rise of 3.7 percent.
  • The ever-increasing regulatory pressure on the crypto market is visible.
  • Ethereum price reaches $2,587 (approx Rs 1.88 lakh)


In the second fortnight of May, there was a lot of volatility in the cryptocurrency market. Now the market has started stabilizing. This is the reason why Ethereum registered a rise of up to 8 percent on Monday. On Monday, its value reached $2,587 (about Rs 1.88 lakh) after gaining 8 percent. Although the price did increase, it remained 40 percent less than its record high price of $ 4,300 (approximately Rs 3.12 lakh).


At 5:23 pm (IST) this cryptocurrency was trading at $2,565.69 (approximately Rs 1.8 lakh). At the same time, Bitcoin, the world's largest digital currency and the biggest rival of Ethereum, also registered a growth of 3.7 percent and it reached $36,977 (about Rs 26.8 lakh).


Although the price of bitcoin has been less volatile in the past few days, it was down 35 percent in May. The reason for this is also increasing regulatory pressure on this market.


The latest positioning data over the weekend of 25 May confirmed that net short positions doubled compared to the previous week. But this net-short is the smallest net short after the month of March. China had recently banned the mining activities of crypto. In this episode, the most recent statement on the market came from Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda, who said that this trade has been risky most of the time.


Currently, Bitcoin is trading at half its price from its all-time highs. This cryptocurrency is currently trading at the same level as it was trading in the month of February. Whereas in the month of April its record level was at $ 65,000 (about Rs 47.2 lakh).

Which are the best websites in India to buy and sell bitcoins.


Note: - One thing that I have seen about all these websites is that the real time bitcoin price of all of them is different. That's why I suggest you that do not invest all your money in buying Bitcoin only from one point of view, but invest some or the other from all of them. So let's get started.


CoinDCX Go

*I also invest in this*

CoinDCX Go is the best Bitcoin app for beginners to start their cryptocurrency investment journey. New investors can now choose to use CoinDCX Go instead of CoinDCX Pro as it has an easy user interface that will help them to take a safe and secure first step towards crypto with just one swipe. With around 2.5 Lakh Indians, this Bitcoin investment app is the best place to begin your crypto investment journey with a list of limited but top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Tron (TRX) and others, directly by using your bank accounts. CoinDCX Go withdrawal and deposit process are smooth with zero fees on your cryptocurrency funds. You can send and receive Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for free, instantly, and securely all at once. While using the application, users have to complete the KYC registration process as well.

  • CoinDCX Go features:
    • Interactive user interface for new cryptocurrency investors
    • Simple bitcoin app to buy cryptocurrency in India
    • Easy and secure deposit and withdrawal of INR funds with zero fee
    • Intuitive cryptocurrency investment dashboard to track your investment portfolio
    • Quick cryptocurrency calculator to convert cryptocurrencies like BTC to INR and vice-versa
    • 'Price Alerts' feature to track cryptocurrency charts and live rates
    • Secured and insured with BitGo
    • Investing in cryptocurrency with as minimum as ₹ 100
    • Smooth KYC process for investments above ₹ 10,000
  • CoinDCX Go registration process -
    • Open the CoinDCX Go app and click on the login or Register under Account. Click on the Sign-Up button and start adding your details on the screen as shown below. Click on the checkbox to enter the referral code if you have one. Once you verify your email address, you will be asked to log in to your CoinDCX Go account.



Wazirx is another famous Crypto exchange in India that has joined the party recently (in 2018).


It is started by an experienced team that is constantly innovating with a mission to involve every Indian in the Blockchain Revolution.


In the current situation, they have come up with a new way of peer to peer trading which enables Indians to withdraw and deposit INR (Indian Rupees) while trading Cryptocurrency.



Bitbns, one of the newest exchanges in India, has come up with an innovative INR on-and-off-ramp mechanism.


Second ways in which Bitbns are trading cryptocurrency in India:


#1. P2P INR Movement through BidforX Vouchers


#2. P2P INR Movement via UPI


(Peer to Peer exchange means electronic money transfer where money can be sent from person to person through any medium. Here that medium is Bitbns)


Getting started on Bitbns is easy and simple. All you need to do is log in with your email ID and complete the KYC process by submitting your Aadhaar card details and PAN details.

After verification, you will be eligible to trade and deal with Bitbns. But if you want to deal only in crypto, you can do so without going through the KYC process.



Unocoin is the first website that I would recommend to all those people who have never bought or sold bitcoins before.


Getting started with Unocoin is very easy and their interface is user-friendly. One thing that I like very much about them is that they have many features and they keep adding many more features. If you are a person who wants to invest in Bitcoin as a SIP, then do so with Unicoin.

You can set your daily, weekly, and monthly budget to buy bitcoins.


At the time of writing this post, a person can invest a maximum of 50 thousand rupees daily, monthly or weekly according to his schedule in bitcoin at a time.


Here are some other great features of Bitcoin:


  • OTC (Over the Counter) Trading
  • Auto Sell Bitcoins
  • Netki: With this, you can create a human-readable address for your bitcoin wallet.
  • API: It provides you such a great API that you can integrate with your business or app.
  • 2 Step Authentication to secure your account.
  • Unocoin has an app for both android and ios so that you can transact from your mobile-only.


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